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Publication date: May 28, 2008


The first round of the Department of Energy's national study of energy transmission corridor congestion drew quite a bit of heat in affected areas once the final congested-corridor designations were issued. Now you can get in ahead of the curve as the second round begins. Revisiting this issue every three years is mandated by the Energy Policy Act of 2005.

DoE announced May 16, 2008, that a series of public workshops will begin in June 2008 to solicit input on the energy transmission network. The initial meetings for the 2009 National Electric Transmission Congestion Study, which will be Webcast, are:

June 11, 2008: San Francisco, CA
June 18: Oklahoma City, OK
July 9: Hartford, CT
July 24: Atlanta, GA
August 6: Las Vegas, NV
September 17: Chicago, IL

For more information on the Study and meetings, see the DoE press release and the Study's Web site.

A starting point for the controversial 2007 designation of several "national interest electric transmission corridors," is here.

For related information on a programmatic environmental impact statement, see the TipSheet of Dec. 5, 2007.

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