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Publication date: Nov. 8, 2006


Environmental issues are woven throughout the Nov. 7, 2006, elections, both in individual office races and 205 statewide ballot measures in 37 states.

Vote tallies on the ballot measures will be available from the National Conference of State Legislatures beginning 7:00 p.m. MST Tuesday, with frequent updates throughout much of Wednesday. NCSL contact: Jennie Bowser, 303-856-1344.

Eminent domain and "takings" measures in 12 states are the focus of the largest single category of environmentally-related issues. Background and election results. See TipSheet of Sept. 13, 2006, for more background and sources.

For other environmentally-related ballot issues, see NCSL's Ballot Measures Database, and search under categories such as "Energy and Electric Utilities" (CA and WA), "Agriculture" (AZ, HI), "Environmental Protection" (NJ), "Health" (AZ, CA, FL, MO, NV, OH, SD), "Natural Resources" (AK, AZ, CA, GA, LA, MD, MI, NM, RI), and "Transportation" (CA, MN, RI).

For information on Wednesday, sources include:

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